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Photo: Courtesy of RCA RecordsIt helps that “Piece of Me” is filled with epic 2000s style too, which couldn’t be more on trend right now. Spears, after all, is a pioneer of Y2K style. Directed by Wayne Isham, the music video begins with a swarm of photographers camped outside of Spears’s hotel, where the pop star and her friends are getting ready for a night out. “I’m Miss Bad media karma, another day, another drama,” she sings. Against a wall of colorful lights, she then sports a faux fur vest, a sequined black bra, and a pair of slashed Destroyed Brand denim jeans. They couldn’t be more current; have you seen the shredded denim at Diesel or Blumarine this season? Torn jeans have ripped their way back into fashion.

Technoblade never dies 1999-2022 t-shirt

Once they arrive at the nightclub, Spears then changes into blingy party dresses that could appear on a Versace or Miu Miu runway today. There’s the purple, sequined minidress by costume designer Marina Toybina that she wears with giant aviators, while pulling a paparazzo into the bathroom and writing sucker on his forehead with her red lipstick. Or there’s the white faux fur jacket with a sheer, paillette embellished top this was the era of going out tops that she strikes several poses in. The fun fashions Spears sports in the video is the perfect embodiment of the mid to late aughts era, when flashy maximalism ruled. When it comes to Spears and Y2K party wear, simply always gimme more! At the beginning of last night’s episode of The White Lotus, Tanya McQuoid Jennifer Coolidge calls her Gen Z assistant Portia Haley Lu Richardson with an invite to go to Palermo on their new friends’ yacht. “You’ll need to pack some cute things. Do you have cute things?” Tanya asks. “Yes,” Portia responds. That is debatable.

Technoblade never dies 1999-2022 t-s hoodie-black

Over the past few weeks, Portia’s style has quickly become one of the show’s most hotly debated topics, notably on Twitter. Seriously, search “Portia White Lotus” and you’ll find nothing but critique. Meanwhile, no outfits have sparked this much contentious discussion among Vogue’s fashion news team this year. In short, the outfits are chaotic and clearly algorithmically informed. Each piece looks like it came from a #sponsored post on TikTok, whether the beaded phone chain she sported in the last episode, or her chartreuse nail polish. “Bad hip California young person working a job they hate,” is how fashion writer André Naquian Wheeler described her style. She mixes prints with abandon, and almost everything is accessorized with chunky square sunglasses. You can see the inspiration: Emma Chamberlain and her maximalist style certainly must have been on the moodboard. But since every individual item feels like it’s grasping at a trend, when you put them all together, there’s little discernible personality beneath. Portia in a printed dress and a scrunchie.Fabio Lovino/HBO

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