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Up until now, Margot Robbie has been known for her prim-and-proper, uptown style, aided by her close relationship with Chanel. For years now, the Hollywood star has been almost exclusively wearing the French fashion house on the red carpet, including the metallic floral dress she wore just last year at the Oscars. Pristine tweed suits and white lace gowns have been two of her go-tos. But it seems Robbie is ready to switch up her signatures. The actor has stepped into a brand new era for fall, and it’s decidedly more relaxed. This season, Robbie has been favoring designs that are all about easy tailoring. She’s been wearing Bottega Veneta a lot. We saw Robbie’s first Bottega look back in September, when she emerged in London wearing an oversized striped button-shirt over leather thigh-high boots, complete with a red leather Cassette (bags are Bottega’s strong suit, after all). Her next look was equally polished, consisting of a pinstripe double-breasted blazer and “jeans” that were actually made out of leather (yes, really!). Again, she finished off the look with another colorful statement bags, this time a woven green crossbody style.

Michigan Wolverines Big Ten Conference 2021-2022 Back 2 Back Champions shirt

Photo: BackgridThis modern, sleek look is a drastic departure from the daintier, more feminine designs she’s worn in the past. Though it’s not to say her new era isn’t without its elegance, too. At the 13th annual Governor Awards in L.A. this week, for instance, she wore the label’s silky green top and skirt set—a fresh take on the evening gown. At the WSJ Innovator Award this month, her white Proenza Schouler suit—with a flared pant leg—felt classic, but current. Even her most recent Chanel look, at a BAFTA event in London last night, felt new for her: She wore the label’s discreet black suit, with a wide-leg pant. Clearly, even superstars like to experiment with their look, and this new fashion mood is working well on Robbie.

Michigan Wolverines Big Ten Conference 2021-2022 Back 2 Back Champions hoodie

When I think of a fierce collar moment, I think of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. While the protagonist Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) is no doubt a 2003 fashion plate, the real fashion standout in the film is Shalom Harlow, who plays a no-nonsense advertising executive. I’m transfixed by the suit she wears: It’s pinstripe and fits her like a glove. Speaking of Harlow, she was in one of the best tailoring shoots in the history of Bombutee, in the August 1997 issue, which was fully dedicated to suits. She starred in a Peter Lindbergh editorial, walking through New York in exquisitely manicured suits with a Gattaca-slick ponytail. Suits in 2022 don’t have to be as strict. Hutson notes that he is deconstructing and reworking the classics by chopping the sleeves off a jacket or inverting waistbands. O’Sullivan dresses her suits down with a pair of Vans or Paraboots. “I’ve worn them with a tank and gone out with just a Cuup balconette bra underneath. I wear the blazers by themselves over pretty much everything,” she says. “I’ve worn them to rehearsal dinners and work events and just to get coffee on a Tuesday morning. I wear them everywhere.” What I’m most struck by is this desire for deliberateness and sharpness that only a suit can offer. Of course, I still have those trendy archival pieces—even the Chloé Aquarius tank top (hey, I still want to have fun nights out!)—but in a suit I’m driving a point home, both sartorially and mentally. The grown-up uniform ensures that there’s no gluttonous trend chasing or haphazard choices. And that sort of power is liberating.

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