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And with experience comes knowledge. In the apparel customising world, industry knowledge will let you know what are the best printers, couriers and garments to get the best possible results. Besides great value for money, a good T-shirt printing company should also help you adjust your budget and expectations by giving the customer information about how the printing techniques work and their limitations. Resources should be offered on how to create a print-ready file. This step is fundamental for your personalised clothing to achieve the best quality possible. At Printsome we’ve built our IT systems to enable our customers to get the best printing experience possible. We offer a vast range of T-shirt printing services in the UK, from screen printing, transfer printing and cad cut vinyl through to embroidery services and direct to garment printing (DTG).

Karl Jacobs Merch Mini Golf Ornament

T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, vests, sweats, caps or bags are some of the garment printing options your T-shirt printing company should be able to provide you with. Any sensible printing agency will provide you with a visual sample of what your design will look like before sending it to production. Due to various constraints, it is impossible to create a 100% faithful render of what the final garment will look like, but it should be as approximate as possible. It is also important to note that a good company will never send the garment to print before the customer approves the visual.

Karl Jacobs Merch Mini Golf Ornament Heart

Any respectable printing agency will offer several delivery options depending on your situation. Here at Printsome we offer a standard (five to ten days) and an express service (two to four days). A printing company should be more than a printing company. Any company that solely exists in the realm of their business, like an island, it’s extremely suspicious. A trustworthy agency should develop relationships with other companies and past clients. Does the printing agency have social media profiles? It should. Follow them, look at what people are saying. A serious brand is active on social media, sharing relevant content and engaging with users, but not spamming. It’s not just about the sales. Or at least it shouldn’t be. A marketing department proves that the agency is serious about what they’re doing and wants to be a leader in their field. Marketing strategies also reflect the personalities, values and morals of a company — showing further if they’re worthy of earning your business.

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