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The asker if this question is so traumatized by a man they let live rent free in their head LONG after he wasn’t even the president anymore that they should just stop wasting precious resources and time because they’re STUPID… too stupid to live in fact. Omfg get the hell over it already! Beating a dead horse with a stick is less pathetic than you.

I can’t kick their worthless, treasonous behinds out of our country, but I don’t plan on letting any of those…um, people forget that we know who they really are. They let the mask slip, and they don’t get to put it back on. They won’t be forgiven. Trump only supports those that bend and kiss his feet to put it politely. It has nothing to do with who could win. Tho walker is because he’s a big name people recognize and trump thinks because you know the name you’ll just vote for him even tho he’s an abusive nutcase with barely two brain cells to rub together.

Many are messing their shorts, because they are seeing first hand how stupid, the criminality and consequences of their actions (and ain’t no one coming to their rescue)! So I guess swaying is better than swinging which would have happened 150 years ago.

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