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One of the sexiest human beings I ever laid eyes on was a college girl in a light t shirt with a black bra. I only caught a glimpse of her, but I remember her to this day. I was in nerd camp. I was 13, and wholly unformed. She walked thru some doors on the campus at University of South Carolina, and became a style icon to me. Some women prefer to look and feel sexy. What kind of bra are you going to feel that way in? A cheap $10 Wal-mart bra? Or a $50-$60 bra from a very prominent women’s lingerie store like Victoria’s Secret? The more expensive ones are made from much better material and are designed sexier. This appeals very much to the women who want to be sexy and hot, and so they shop at these places and are perfectly willing to pony up the dough for a high quality bra.

Professional Gaslighter Ornament

As for myself, I like to look and feel as feminine as possible, “One of the ladies” if you may. So I am also willing to pay extra for high quality bras. When I wear something that costs a lot of money, it feels good to wear it, I know I am sexier looking, and on top of that, one gets a very good feeling when they know they can afford the better things in life, rather than having to go for the cheap stuff all the time. Prudish mindsets that want to shame women for wearing something that those same prudish minds insist is necessary to wear if those women want to leave the house.

Professional Gaslighter Ornament Mug den

Sometimes it’s simply not possible for a shirt to cover your bra straps. See: every thin-strapped top or dress, every strapless bra and dress, every wide-neckline shirt.. Wear what makes you happy. Bras are often expensive, hopefully supportive, and sometimes super cute– and that’s the view I’ve taken on my bra straps or even my bra itself showing. I paid a lot for this, it’s freaking gorgeous, and if a person doesn’t like it, that’s their problem, not mine. While I’m sure that sates some inner need to rage at those with means for some people, it does little to nothing to help the poor or destitute improve their own situation. What wealthy people do that the poor don’t is understand the dynamics of money. By realizing that money is a tool and that using it effectively will build wealth, many destitute people could vastly improve their and their families future.

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